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Real estate & title services.

Every journey starts somewhere, and we’re here to make sure your journey is smooth sailing. At Latitude Title Group, we help guide you through the closing process, ensuring it’s hassle-free for everyone involved.

When it comes to real estate closings and other professional services, our team has a wealth of experience in managing closings, whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing. We’ve got you covered, from residential homes to commercial properties and vacant land. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth and professional closing experience.


You need a trustworthy partner who understands your needs.


Buying or selling a home or property? Latitude is here for you.


You need a trustworthy partner who understands your needs.


Title services for realtors.

You need a trustworthy partner who understands your needs. When you work with Latitude Title Group, your job is easier and you look like a rockstar to your clients from start to finish. We play a crucial role in the property buying process by ensuring the legitimacy of property ownership. We conduct thorough investigations into the history of a property’s title, searching for any liens, encumbrances, or disputes that could affect its ownership rights.

Once cleared, we issue title insurance, protecting buyers and lenders from any unforeseen legal claims against the property. Additionally, we facilitate the closing process, handling the transfer of funds and documents between parties. Above all, we provide peace of mind by safeguarding the integrity of property transactions.

We can help with:


Title services for lenders.

Latitude Title Group has the experience and know-how to exceed your expectations. We will meet or surpass the compliance guidelines that are required of lenders.

We are fully TRID compliant. Furthermore, we protect your interest against any title defects by carefully reviewing your instructions to ensure that all documents are executed in a timely fashion.

As a lender, working with Latitude Title Group means:


Better for buyers & sellers.

When you buy a home, you need to be sure the seller is the true owner of the property. You must also ensure that no outstanding issues currently damaging the title transfer to you in the process of buying the home. This is where your title company can help.

We conduct a comprehensive title search to make sure your ownership is free and clear of any issues. A title insurance policy will protect your investment and give you peace of mind that your ownership of the property is solid and cannot come under dispute.

And if you’re selling your house? Latitude Title Company will work with you to satisfy any liens or property issues that need to be settled. We’ll prepare all the necessary closing documentation to make the transaction as smooth as possible for you and the buyer. We promise competitive rates, great communication, and amazing service.